Call Me Kiz Mixtape

by KizMet

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the "Call Me Kiz Mixtape" is free to the public. If you like it, I'll see you at your local venue when I'm playing a show in your town! If you dont like it, give it to someone else, maybe they'll like it.


released August 3, 2013

featuring Jass Singh from New Delhi, India & also featuring King Bishop Stylze from Portland, OR. All beats by Kiz.



all rights reserved


KizMet Los Angeles, California

Queer Hippy-Hop in Los Angelez. Stay high all day and keep a bad bitch crew. Just download it.

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Track Name: Die for this Love ft. Jass Singh
I was feelin so alone and then I found you babe, you are the sun in my world of gray, baby tell me that you'll ride or die for me, and when I'm touring you're loyal to see more of me, so many people in this club but they aint you. I would die for this love baby so you know, no one's holdin a candle, nothings too hard to handle. Baby you the best so glad that i found you, dark skin with them tattoos nobody does it quite like you got the love on lock bulletproof, our love is epic like sentences straight out of fairy tales, you the prince, im the fish you can call me Ariel, you look better with the lights on you and me in the right zone, pack your stuff in the back of the truck we en route to the flight zone, and we go high as hell our love will never fail Im usually discreet when it comes to you i kiss and tell.
Track Name: Incredible Inevitable Heartache
Rap: Lord make me a success im on my knees with the mic pressed to my lips to repent, all these sins i repress so fresh just a baby, I aint got a name, Im whatever you named me, Im sweet like daisies enough to make you crazy, i aint make the rules so dont blame me, if you the next best thing them Im newer, if you da shit, then im sewer, you dumb, well im stupider, if you a space cadent then Im jupiter, not rocking rims but im rocking hella hub, if youre a cougar keep track of where your cub at, I'll snatch that snatch that snatch that snatch!